Use These Ten Best Origami Papers To Create Dazzling Objects

I have a secret confession to make – I absolutely LOVE origami. Making animals, throwing paper airplanes, what have you, origami is just so much fun.

Origami is one of the world’s most well-known arts and crafts activities – people who have a bit of an artistic edge can use origami to turn paper into dazzling designs, creative shapes, animal figurines, etc. Many cool, unique origami ideas can be found in a number of popular books on the subject, including this well-known text. However, a question about origami is frequently discussed by even the most seasoned origami experts – what is the best paper to use?

Here, we take a look at the ten best, affordable, and effective origami papers available that are great for beginners and experts alike. I’ve used several of these myself, particularly #1, #3, and #7, other ones I’m reviewing have been recommended by a friend of mine.

10. ALEX Toys – Young Artist Studio Origami Paper

For a beginning origami user, this paper is definitely not bad. The colors are very fun and diverse, and if you are getting this product for your young child, I think you would definitely be in good shape. However, this is likely not suitable for an advanced artist, as the paper is just very small – the largest sheet is less than five inches on each side; can you say CRAMPED fingers?

9. Daiso Japan’s Chiyogami Double Sided Origami Paper

A lot of origami papers are actually only one sided with their colors, probably due to a need by the company to save money on printing costs. Daiso Japan does not skip out on this crucial element, and provides for its users lovely, authentic looking double-sided dotted origami paper.

8. Roylco, Inc. Economy Royal Paper

Another good brand, this unique paper is good for beginning designers who are just learning how to make origami. Although this is not “premium” paper, it is a relatively sturdy origami paper, complete with intricate, pretty designs and sheets large enough to satisfy most origami enthusiasts.

7. Melissa & Doug 6’’ x 6’’ Origami Paper

This is a good, thick origami paper, and is excellent for the child origami user, since it doesn’t break too easily and is good for practicing nice shapes on. However, the colors are monochromatic, which is either good or bad depending on your taste; some origami enthusiasts really want to use a variety of colors.

6. Global Art Folia

One of the top sellers on Amazon, this is a pretty good paper that is excellent for origami beginners. An Amazon Reviewer noted that while it is a good paper, its construction is not completely excellent – still, it is a good paper that could be used for any beginner looking to dazzle friends with colorful, playful shapes.

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