What Does Creatine Do? 10 Must-Know Truths Revealed

7. More Creatine is Not Better (Use Sparingly Or You’re Wasting Your Money)

There is definitely diminishing returns from creatine. If you’re a vegetarian, with low natural levels of creatine in your system, a creatine supplementation program will benefit you far more initially than those who have higher levels already present in their muscles.

The reason for this is because the human muscle can only hold a certain amount of creatine, and once you reach that threshold, you can’t force more in, so it’s best to dose appropriately as well as cycle periods of supplementation. This saturation point is quickly achieved within only a couple days of a loading dose.

So whether you’ve been supplementing for years, or this is your first time, cycle your creatine usage, as your muscles will quickly reach their saturation point where the remaining creatine will just go to waste, along with your money.

6. Creatine is Typically Safe to Use, BUT…

Creatine is, in most cases, safe to use, but when combined with excessive amounts of other vitamin and mineral supplementation, or with some drugs (Nephrotoxic Drugs), the risk may increase of damage to your kidneys, liver, or heart.

Some evidence suggests that people with kidney disease, as well as those at risk of developing kidney disease, may further damage this organ with excessive intake of creatine.

This is not a proven link, but if you fall into either category above, it’s probably best to stay away from creatine supplementation, or ask your doctor before using.

5. Under 18 Years Old? Avoid Taking Creatine

I don’t care if you have the hottest prom date in your school, if you’re under 18 years old, you should avoid creatine.

There have not been enough studies to determine the effects of creatine supplementation on children and adolescents. So until we have more information, stick to chocolate milk for optimal recovery.

4. It May Not Be Effective For You

Although it is different for every individual, what you eat can be a huge indicating factor behind how effective your creatine regimen is.

Diet is a huge predictor of creatine’s success – if you have a bad diet, your probability for positive results from creatine decline sharply.

So, in order to make creatine as effective as possible, eat a healthy diet rich in not just the right meats, but also whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more.

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