ZOOMtens is a brand new variety and entertainment website writing every article as a top ten list. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, outstanding writers who would be willing to publish content with a top-10 theme to our website. We enjoy having a wide variety of topics on our website, and will happily incorporate the works of creative writers interested in both general as well as niche topics.

Some topics that we are interested in discussing include movies, music, health, sports, travel, spirituality, religion, science, books, politics, current events, fine dining, city-specific topics, general culture, and just about really anything. We want to stress that our website is not only friendly to a general audience, but also interesting to niche audiences as well.

For example…can you write an article about the top ten soccer players of all time? That’s considered general, and we want to include stuff like that on the website. Can you write an article about the top ten best soccer cleats for men available on Amazon? That’s considered niche, and we also want that on the website too. We are also looking for people who are thrilled at the idea of writing about trending social media topics.

To apply, write us an email at [email protected]. In the email, provide for us the best method to contact you, a link to at least three articles/blog posts of yours, and a description about yourself. If you are interested but have no prior website writing experience, write a couple posts on a platform like blogger and send them over, we’re happy to take writers of all experience levels.

For every article you write, we would be happy to include your name (or pen name if you prefer), a website link (or two!), a photo of you, and a biography on our website. Web writing and digital content marketing has become a serious profession, and we would be happy to host beginner writers on their journeys to becoming top writers in the industry, as well as experienced bloggers. College students and young college graduates are warmly and enthusiastically invited to apply!


Join us on our remarkable journey to becoming one of the top variety and entertainment top ten publications in the entire world.